Posted by: r.m. | October 5, 2010

aliens and natives

Invasive species…including  walking (yes, walking on land) catfish, bird-eating mice, an anything-eating frog – are among the invasive species that are wrecking havoc on native ecosystems. Read about them here.

And then check out Biodiversity 100 for more information on global biodiversity and actions to be done to protect our remaining (and quickly dwindling) biodiversity.


  1. I like the sarcasm in this article. Although The method the author presented his ideas was kind of exagerated but it really shed the light on a reality that is ignored by most of us. But the real question is that since goverments know this problem and already they are spending billions of dollars on treating it why they dont spend millions of dollars to preventing the invasion of species from the first place. Of course im not generalising cz some governments take this issue very seriously however others dnt and they and up on paying loads of dollars on correcting their lack of responsability. However this isnt jst limited to the government because the primary and most important line of defence to the invasive species is the the people for that as long as we spread awarness among the people as long as the danger of species invading new territories decreases..

  2. We can notice that the problem of invasive species is happening in different areas around the world, so this need more serious and quick actions to be taken by not only the local governments of these areas but also by the international nature organizations. they should preserve the nature from those invasive species before they could be able to destruct the ecosystem in these areas.

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