Posted by: r.m. | October 5, 2010

El Mina By Bike- 10-10-10 : Day of Global Climate Action

El Mina by Bike is organizing a bike ride between El Mina and Tripoli on Sunday 10-10-10 (Day of Global Climate Action). This event has been planned with other local NGOs to stop climate change and to promote environment friendly means of transportation. The bike tour will start at 9.30 a.m. from the El Mina Corniche (near La Sirene Restaurant). To reserve a bike, please contact  Ziad Ayoubi (03-858530) or Nizar Najjar (03-196744). More info on the initiative is available on:!/group.php?gid=368631764329



  1. Thank you Rania for sharing!

  2. Nice campaign, I hope that one day we would have cleaner and healthy environment !

  3. Indeed Alaa! I hope that on day we could make it here in Beirut so we can really help our environment!

  4. Such campaigns should be organized in a continuous way all over the year in order to have an impact on our society (of course not a big one, since such issues are not primordial in our country), but they should be organized more frequently anyways; of course with bigger and more professional promoters who can promote the campaign all over Lebanon (just like the Beirut Marathon Association). Hope it was successful, and wish you the best for the future ! 🙂

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