Posted by: r.m. | October 12, 2010

another reason to leave Beirut (at least for an hour)

The noise. That damn noise. And Hamra Street is quite full of that damn noise – from taxis competing for your attention (when you don’t even want one), to the (typically male) drivers blaring their music so that the entire street can hear their pop noise, to the construction work, the yelling on the street, and, did i mention, the horns, the car horns, those horns. It is a wonder we can hear ourselves think. Wait. We usually can’t!

Not surprisingly – here’s a report that says we need some quiet

Modern life is becoming increasingly noisy. But if we learn to to spend time in silence, the effects on our mental wellbeing – and our physical health – can be profound.

The solution for those of us living in Beirut?

Leave for a day. For an hour.


  1. 10 things you didnt know about sound !!

  2. Dr Rania, talking about hours, you certainly leave Beirut to come to the University. So, how do you feel when you are away from Beirut for at least one hour?
    I think that it is probably more beneficial to leave Beirut for at least one day. If you decided to leave Beirut for one day come to me.

    • If you decided to leave Beirut for one day, come to me. You are welcomed anytime Dr Rania. In this way, you will be near to the University, but far from your wok. 🙂

      • I mean, far from your work.

      • I mean far from your work.

  3. the idea of this TV series is brilliant and i think it should be done in Lebanon. Nowadays noise pollution is becoming something obvious in our everyday. And the amount of stress it applies on us is tremendous however we don’t know the amount of stress until we experience true silence and we say “khayyy”. As said in the article due to the constant stream of noises we hear we r not able to focus on our true selves. So we need some silent moments from time to time to mediate however as social creatures we can’t live without noises. But then again some people will go crazy if they’r put in a silent environment and others will experience the opposite and this is due to one amazing feature of our human body which is called adaptation. But one case is very hard to adapt in which a person used to live in silent moves to noisy environment. All the other cases is adaptable. 🙂

    biol 207

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