Posted by: r.m. | October 21, 2010

CC – more drought, and population changes

(1) Much of planet could see extreme drought in 30 years: study

Parts of Asia, the United States, and southern Europe, and much of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East could be hit by severe drought in the next few decades, with regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea seeing “almost unprecedented” drought conditions, the study says.

Maps of the world that Dai produced using the data show “severe drought by the 2060s over most of Africa, southern Europe and the Middle East, most of Americas (except Alaska and northern Canada, Uruguay, and northeastern Argentina), Australia, and Southeast Asia,” the study says.

The maps also show that most of central and northern Eurasia, Alaska and northern Canada, and India would become wetter over the same period.

The study’s predictions are based on current projections of what greenhouse gas emissions will be this century.


(2) Climate Change May Create Tipping Points for Populations, Not Just Species




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