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E-waste awareness.

I’d like to bring them to UOB. You interested?

In a bid to raise awareness, organized the country’s first E-waste awareness and collection day at the American University Beirut (AUB), in collaboration with AUB’s Center for Civic Engagement and Community Services and the university’s environmental club.

Haddad stressed the urgency for people to recycle their E-waste, stating that 65 percent of people store their E-waste at home. “There are more than 1,000 toxic substances in the electronic boards. It’s good to recycle plastic bottles, it’s very important. It’s essential to recycle paper, because we do not want to cut more trees, but E-waste is toxic. It is hazardous waste, just like medical and industrial waste,” Haddad told The Daily Star.

This past year, Beeatoona has provided collection points for people to drop off their E-waste. Once the E-waste is collected and segregated, Beeatoona plans to send the E-waste to a recycling plant in Europe because Lebanon has no such facility yet, where the E-waste will be dismantled, separated, sorted, and sent for recycling into different sectors of industry.

Currently, people in Lebanon dispose of their waste through a combination of dumping and burning waste in rural areas, and the country lacks legislation or incentives for proper E-waste disposal.

For a list of official E-waste recycling collection points near you, go to

(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

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(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::


  1. E- waste are a major problem in every house in lebanon stressing on the idea that the lebanese people insist to keep everything even if its not functionnal.Indeed, this step is crucial for getting rid of this waste that could harm the health and the environnement.Here, i would like to suggest another issue since the title of this article was E-waste.What about the E-cigarettes that are recently promoted in Lebanon , could they be recycled?does it have any inconvience or effects on the environnement and the health?i think a similar campaign on that scale could be done !

  2. when talking about E-waste, it’s hard not to think about human health.More lead or mercury and other harmful contaminants are being introduced to the environment.It’s about time that lebanese people are starting to search for solutions for these E-waste and its a good start that they are sending some of them to a recycling plant in Europe.But till when?when can Lebanon get his own recycling industry for E-waste? and what is happening to the rest of the E-waste kept in Lebanon?

  3. Many people do not know the effects of E_waste !! awareness of that issue is very important.and recycling them is a really good start

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