Posted by: r.m. | October 22, 2010

1 mosquito -> 2 mosquito

Malaria fears escalate as most dangerous mosquito mutates into two species


  1. what is the cause of that mutation?

  2. i guess the cause of the mutations that lead to the appearance of a new specie is an evolutionary mutation that could have accumulated by means of natural selection since the new specie is better adapted to lay their eggs in the rise fields . Knowing that this new agriculture is newly introduced to the continent and since the main characteristic of this technique is to flood the fields with stagnant water it creates the perfect environment for mosquito to reproduce. Moreover humans may have played a role in the natural selection process by killing the R specie continuously by the pesticides leaving the new specie that is less affected by those specific pesticides to flourish and grow in numbers.
    The new aim for scientist now is to increase the range of the defensive methods against mosquitoes and other malaria carrying insects.

    biol 207

  3. Malaria has always been one of humanity’s biggest killers, but it may be far bigger than we realised. In addition to Africa, the case of Malaria is spreading in India too. Plus, countries like Africa, India and Indonesia, are underestmating the cases of Malaria. This is partly because so many cases never make it to a clinic and because these people are more likely to die than those that get medical help. Malaria deaths are invisible to the healthcare system. As a matter of fact India has a space programme but cannot provide prompt access to malaria treatment in Orissa state.

  4. I think that malaria has been dangerous and deadly for ages, but the fact that new species are rising and adapting to new homes is causing the spread of this desease and increasing more rapidly.Since these are two species, it means that they are killed in different methods and medication that are still yet not identified.All this pressures scientists to find new preventions more rapidly to control the mosquitoes carrying the disease to save as much people as possible.

  5. Malaria is a very dangerous desease…so if the population of mosquitos will be devided into 2 new species . it will aggrevate more and more the problem..understanding the makeup of those mosquitos is a very helpful way to deal with it especially when millions of people are affected each year!!!!

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