Posted by: r.m. | November 11, 2010

Lebanese merchants say no to regulated food prices

Agriculture, Food prices, Merchants, and Government — all intricately connected.

And in Lebanon the Merchants openly state their decision to ignore a Governmental ruling regarding elevated food prices.

From the excellent Al-Akhbar, once again

التجّار يهددون بتقنين السلع

المعركة مفتوحة لإبقاء الفوضى في السوق الإستهلاكية

في 26 تشرين الأول أصدر وزير الاقتصاد والتجارة محمد الصفدي القرار 196/1 الذي يعيد العمل بالقرار 277/1 الذي يحدّد نسب الأرباح التجارية القصوى على السلع والمنتجات الحيوانية والحبوب والزيوت والسكر والملح والخضرة والفاكهة… قبل أن يبدأ تطبيق النسب بدأ تجار الجملة والمفرّق يعترضون رافضين تطبيق القرار، وملوّحين بتقنين السلع الغذائية في السوق حيناً وتهديد الوزير أحياناً

read the article in full here



  1. It seems that nowadays people are running behind one thing, which is “Money”. Even almost all friendship relationships are based on individuals interest (or personal benefits). And what individuals are interested for in these days? It is certainly money to heal what is called “their soul” or “their internal feeling”. I call this the unconscious mind or the ego. People are running behind money to say:” I possess, I exist”. And when someone say i possess, this means that he or she has something private. Our society is heading toward a world that is made only from “restrict private lands”(sorry, that is mine. You can not share it or touch it). This is the source of hatered in our world. In these days, no one is thinking about the other. For example, if a certain Lebanese person is really sick and he or she should enter the hospital, he or she will be asked first:” Do you have the X amount of money?” The person is really sick and the hospital is aking about the money at first, instead of asking first:”what is wrong with you?!”
    Our Country,Lebanon, really needs some strict rules!! Look at the the new law that is being done to regulate speed! There is a camera that watches your speed, and if you break the law, you have to pay “money”. Money, money…. . People are obeying the law to avoid paying money, instead of thinking about the other benefits of slowing down while driving. Lebanese people are behaving like “dogs” (sorry about this word) just to avoid paying money!
    Here, in Lebanon, merchants are saying no to regulated food prices because they are seeking their personal benefits, without considering the suffer of others. “Why should I suffer? I will let the others suffer”. Certainly, there are no morals behind a logic like this. What these merchants need is a strict rule or law that makes them behave like “dogs”. This rule or law certainly should be related to “money” or to the source of that money.
    Yes, people nowadays are seeking money, and this is worsening the situation; it is increasing the gap between poor and rich, like postive feedbacks. It is making the poor poorer and the rich richer, and where is the equality (or morals) in that? This is the tyranny of capitalism! Our world need an ethical system, just like the economic one to honor humanity. Progress is not measured only by money, power or the word “I am stronger than you”.
    Yes, nowadays people are running behind money.They are running behind something that can not actually run behind them in return, and what that is going to have as a real value? Hatered (certainly)…
    Yes, nowadays people are running behind money. Hopefully, at some point, they will realize that they can not eat the money itself!
    That’s why one of my favorite quotes is :”The Great thing in this world is not so much where we are , but in what direction we are moving.”- Oliver Wendell Holmes –

  2. I agree with you. I was hoping two years ago when the world financial system collapsed that people would be attracted to alternative economic systems. Alas, that initial interest quickly evaporated and people began to accept again the status quo capitalistic system. How can we convince people that other systems are more just? There are some examples being set around the world but I do not think that capitalism will be gone in our lifetime. What really bothers me is how many people regard economic selfishness as an intrinsic part of human nature. This is a fundamental basis in the moral case of those defending capitalism and it seems to go unchallenged all the time unfortunately.

  3. Yes, I agree with you too. A miracle is needed about that issue- capitalism-
    I think, that we have made quite two good responses 🙂

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