Posted by: r.m. | November 12, 2010

US House – moving to greater levels of mismanagement and stupidity

The elections in the US matter* – not just to domestic and foreign policy issues within the US and with all the countries that the US military or economically ruins and destroys – but also with regards to environmental protection.

(* I’m still dreaming of an election in which the primary choice won’t be between the lesser of two evils)

Here is the news – courtesy of an organization that I had the pleasure of working with for 3+ years while in NC

The House leadership in the newly elected 112th Congress has some big changes planned on the environmental policy front, from rollbacks of protective regulations to an assault on climate science.

Read article in full here




  1. You’ve got to hand it to the American electorate! All this splendid democratic activity in the wake of the BP/Gulf of Mexico disaster (the worst environmental disaster in US history BTW). I think Americans have short term memory. America the land of the free! We are free to destroy our environment as long as we do it *democratically*; something some parts of the world do not enjoy (yet).

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