Posted by: r.m. | November 12, 2010

tropical forests: deforestation greater threat than heat

Okay, so the tropical forests may not be driven to drought-induced endangerment due to Climate Change. But it could be the people’s more direct actions that erase these glorious forests from our lives: deforestation.

World’s forests can adapt to climate change, study says

Water shortages as a result of rising temperatures will not do as much damage as feared, evidence from ancient trees suggests

The Amazon Rainforest near Nova Olinda Photograph: Gerd Ludwig/ Gerd Ludwig/Corbis

“What the fossil record is showing is that plants have already the genetic variability to cope with high temperature and high levels of CO2. Rather than global warming, the [trouble] for tropical plants is deforestation. The fossil record shows that, when you don’t have humans around, the plants can deal with high temperatures and CO2.”

read entire article here

and read the New Scientist article on the same study here



  1. Now enlighten me more about this article are they saying that tropical forests can adapt to the rise in C02 levels and become more efficient in their water consumption!! But this can’t be true since global warming issue is a chain of catastrophic events and doesn’t depend only on the levels of carbon dioxide alone. Also during the Paleocene-Eocene period humans were not around to add up the risks for the destruction of the natures line of defenses such as the tropical forests adaptation to C02 levels. But is this adaptation applicable to other types of forests in different climates or it’s unique for tropical forests.

  2. i totally agree with gerard….climate change has effects on everything..and even tho it might not affect tropical forsests directly, it will affect it indirectly since everything on earth is related and complementary in a way or another..this problem has been growing and growing and no one is really taking any serious actions. I hope we will be seeing real actions in the few comming years..

    biol 207

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