Posted by: r.m. | December 8, 2010


Check out the excellent Land and People blog by comrade Rami (what a beautiful word that is, eh: comrade. rafiq)

Rami blogs about the many critically important (but not surprising) statements from the US Embassy leaks regarding food – and control of food!



  1. you boring.

  2. @ big: Who is boring? the person who posted this news, or the news itself?
    Did you ask yourself why the news is posted? It maybe not meant for you to read it.
    Didn’t you think that the person who posted this news is bored of it too?
    I want to remind you that evey person has his or her own point of view. You can see a certain thing from an angle that is different from me.
    If the news is boring, why you read it? Why you commented on it? Simply, don’t read it, or don’t comment on it.
    Plus, if the news is boring, you can’t say to the person who posted it” “you boring”(even your comment is grammatically wrong). You can say “a boring news” instead. Or simply, don’t comment.
    Who are you to jugde the other person. Maybe the other person can tell you “you are boring too”.

    • @ big: By the way, my name is small.

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