Posted by: r.m. | February 12, 2011

When people believe in their power…

We are many. They are few. When we believe in the power of “we the many” many beautiful things can happen.

In Egypt, people believed in their power. Ignited by Tunisia, they believed in the possibility of change.

Two, three months ago, many of us did not believe it possible that an Arab people would rise up, that they (we) would wake up and rise up. On top of that assumption of constant slumber, many of us did not believe that, if awakened, they (we) would not be successful in removing a dictator, or making a change.

Tunis. Egypt. Proved both assumptions false. Paradigm shift.

Think about it. What else do we believe we cannot do? What if we believed that we do have the power to change, what would that power feel like? What would we do with that sense of power?

We – not I – but we.

We the many. They the few.

… Liberation. Palestine freed. Iraq freed.

… An egalitarian society.

… An ecologically-respectful and humble economy and society.

Just envision it.

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