Posted by: r.m. | February 17, 2011


Bahrain ya Bahrain.

Cursed with the “presence” of a large – if not the largest – US navy base in the region. Cursed with having the dictatorial government in Saudi Arabia wanting the maintenance of a status quo in Bahrain – and willing to fight to the last Bahraini to keep it.

Empowered by Tunisia, Egypt, and by themselves. Approximately 25,000 have protested – and continue – in a country whose population (not citizenry!) is approximately 960,000.

I have no analysis to give to the situation now.

Just look at these photos. Here and here and this video here

Tanks in Manama. Funded and aided and supported by the US and its regional proxy Saudi Arabia.

From the news on Twitter from eyewitnesses in Bahrain….

An ambulance driver stating that a Saudi army officer held a gun to his head,  and said he would kill him if he helped the injured.

A medical consultant beaten repeatedly by police officers… they only released him “because we don’t want you to die here”‘

But don’t underestimate this tiny island-state. Once people rise up, that belief in themselves is hard to squash.

Manama was my first home. I spent 14 beautiful years there. I saw how the so-called “intelligence/mukhabarat’ behaved. Their cruelty. And the discrimination against the generations of families that live there but denied citizenship. And the warmth of the people.


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