Posted by: r.m. | February 17, 2011

Palestine… in every protest

Every aspect of the pre-dawn attack in Manama occurs regularly in Occupied Palestine.

Every aspect. Every single aspect. Re-read the attacks against the pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain. And think of these attacks as a regular crime against Palestinians.

Israeli terrorist soldiers (and sometimes armed occupiers (aka settlers) protected by soldiers (aka other occupiers)) kill unarmed Palestinians. Beat them to death. Handcuff them and shoot them. Attack ambulances and paramedics and doctors and nurses. Destroy encampments — and homes.

And throughout it all, the Israeli soldiers claim self-defense, or security, or some other false justification for their violence.

And still. Palestinians resist. Palestinians live. Palestinians protest. Palestinians organize.

Palestine is in every protest.  In every scream for liberty, remember Palestine’s 63-year struggle for liberty. In every bullet of injustice, remember Palestine’s steadfastness against oppression.

Today, 3 Palestinian fishermen were killed. Another typical day for Zionist atrocities.

Continue. The struggle. The hope. The right.



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