Posted by: r.m. | February 19, 2011


Thinking of Libya.

The intense massacres – plural – in Benghazi and other cities in Libya.

… See this compilation of videos on the massacres – ongoing – in Libya.

How could the capital remain silent when people elsewhere in the country are being killed? And for how long?

An army officer in Libya said (on NBN) that Qaddafi has now sidelined the Libyan Army and replaced it with African mercenaries. Some of the mercenaries have been promised $30,000 each.

Mercenaries. People paid to kill.

hmm… isn’t that a soldier in an army does? the main difference is that a mercenary isn’t local, doesn’t have to be a citizen in the country, and has only one loyalty: to the dollar. {what happens to that individual person that allows him to sell his conscience for money?}

My mother calls them slaves, slaves to money.

hmm…. like Blackwater.

As @nasry tweeted, “the world cracked down on Qaddafi after the Lockerbie disaster 207 killed, now nobody cares when he’s killing thousands of Libyans.”

One activist from Benghazi said on Al-Jazeera English, “Please. We don’t have weapons. They will kill us. They will kill us all in Benghazi.”



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  2. ignorant americans no free press when you are controlled by odama , pentagon , satan, where are the weapons of mass destruction in iraq, nato pays alkida who were and are the rats in lybia and syria

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