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Al Jazeera Arabic reports:  Forces of Qaddafi are firing live ammunition at peaceful protesters in Tripoli from armored military vehicles.

Witness in Tripoli on Al Jazeera English: Military firing on Tripoli’s Green Square, mercenaries in landcruisers doing driveby shootings.

Al Jazeera English: Libyan pilots of jet fighters who defected to Malta said they were ordered to bomb protesters but decided to defect instead.

Al Jazeera Arabic: Eyewitness says 250 dead in Tripoli due to have bombing from aircraft.

Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has declared war on the Libyan people and is committing genocide

New TV’s reporter, Ibrahim Dsouki, wrote this on Facebook:

“علي عبد الله صالح يقول: اليمن ليست مصر وتونس.. القذافي يقول: ليبيا ليست مصر وتونس.. مبارك: مصر ليست تونس.. يا أغبياء: كل العالم العربي “تونس””

Nilesat accused of working with Qaddafi to disrupt Lebanese networks (NBN, NewTV, OTV, Manar) and Al Jazeera critical of massacres in Libya

RT @nasry: the world cracked down on Qaddafi after the Lockerbie disaster  killed 207; now [the West and the US don’t] care when he’s killing thousands of Libyans

Italy’s Berlusconi does not want to call Qaddafi since the situation is constantly evolving, he says, and he doesn’t want to upset Qaddafi

Qaddafi’s strength in the Arab world was shamefully bolstered by his oil pact with Tony Blair, says Ian Birrell.

And to think, just year Seif was Libya’s “Western-friendly face of reform” in the NY Times @avinunu

Where ever did Qaddafi get the idea he’d get away with air strikes against protesters? Oh, right. #Israel #Gaza #US #Afghanistan

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