Posted by: r.m. | March 11, 2011


Migati and Hariri among the top world’s billionaires.

How can they represent us when they distinctly are not representative of us? Who then do they represent?

Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati, currently trying to form a new government in Lebanon, was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 409th richest person in the world with $2.8 billion. … Bahaa Hariri, the eldest son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri who was assassinated in 2005, was ranked as the 459th richest person in the world with a fortune of $2.5 billion.



  1. Lol, funny way to put it in perspective, i never thought of it this way… But i mean if a guy is successful, he shouldn’t have a chance to become a representative?!

  2. well… “Quelle Ironie”, we, the lebanese people, we are happy to got our representative been at the top world’s billionaires while we are suffering from economical crises and risking to lose our country by being paid by such Unrepresentative ex-prime minister who heridates not only his fortune but also his title of being Lebanese… we should feel ashamed!
    NB: No offense but this is the painful truth

  3. In a way I see it’s normal to choose successful people in own business to run the business of a country.
    The other case might be choosing leaders less experienced in the business world, and ending up with limited prosperity in our economy.
    The main issue can be how did they get their fortune? Inherited? Illegal activities? Or honestly build???
    Also how do they manage it? Do they pay the right taxes?
    I think there must be juridical investigation before delegating any one to public responsibilities looking for his personal CV and the way he pays his taxes also looking for his personal lifestyle and social (even familial) behavior.

  4. Yes, we would like our leader (Prime Minister or otherwise) to have been successful in his private life, and being wealthy is one easy measure of such success. There are other measures of success, intelligence, and various other positive attributes that we would want in our leaders. The missing attribute we all seek in our “representatives” is that of empathy, understanding, and compassion.

    As such, our representatives do not need to mirror the people’s conditions but rather be understanding of their needs and conditions. A good government by the people, of the people, for the people, should ideally be comprised of the very best of the people, not the average in any material sense. Excellence not mediocrity.

    It is not wrong to have a government led by the elites (especially in their intellect),
    provided that they are dedicated to serve the interests of all the people rather than just the financial elites. A successful Prime Minister supported by a team of superior technocrats dedicated to leveraging their extraordinary intellect and experiences to the benefit of society is good, provided that they maintain enough humility to recognize that they don’t have all the answers, with the wisdom to avoid that “intelligence trap”, and thus listen to the people to better serve all of society.

  5. Did anyone hear about a word called “common good”? The common good is a motive for action with the goal of improving social well-being, including one’s well-being. Many economists believe that the goal of societal well-being can be obtained if individuals act in a way that promotes their own self-interest. And this is dangerous.
    So, is this the case here?

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