Posted by: r.m. | March 16, 2011

Lebanon: Climate change threats…

تغير المناخ يهدّد الهرمل

أعاد التقرير الوطني الثاني للبنان بشأن تغير المناخ تذكيرنا بحقائق نحاول أحياناً أن ننساها. في عام ٢١٠٠ الهرمل غير قابلة للحياة. التزلج في فاريّا سيصبح حلماً صعب التحقيق، أما جدوى وجود شجرة الأرز المنقرضة على علم البلاد فأمر مطروح للنقاش طبعاً



  1. This report is more like a diagnosis analysis. It’s identifying the problem and includes some solutions inside it.
    Before making some suggestions I would remind our government how really they are facing this issue. Bad to say most of them are dealing with their proper benefit, few solving the present issues on a temporary basis, but very rare are those who have a real vision for the future.
    The increase demand for power is sure one of the most urgent matters. Shouldn’t we start using alternate power sources?
    • Using the sun for hot water (and even for heating) is an economic solution to spare most of the energy. The heat collectors will also shade the roofs and will help reducing in summer the AC power and bill. A third effect it will shade some areas reducing the total absorbed heat by the globe.
    • Using the wind generators will help, beside power reduction, to equilibrate the climate. It’s a power: if we do not use it, it will destroy. By using it, it will help reduce the losses in agricultural and residential areas.
    The transportation is really one of most important problem, millions of fuel (pollutant and expensive) gallons are used in a back forward traffic, we must consider:
    • Rehabilitation of Train transportation for goods and people all the long of Lebanese cost and Bekaa.
    • Building a public transportation system all around the country
    Adopting one or more of these solution will greatly help reducing cost, time, and energy consumption, and help us build a green future for us and for the coming generation.

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