Posted by: r.m. | March 21, 2011

mapping human vulnerability to climate change…

First global map suggests climate change will have greatest impact 
on the populations least responsible for causing the problem

Local vulnerability of human populations to climate change based on ecological and demographic models is depicted by regions in red which are expected to be most negatively impacted by climate change. White regions correspond to human density values of zero in the global population database. (Credit: McGill University)



  1. anyway, life is not fair.

    • Uhh you say that because you supposedly don’t live in Africa nor South America. Why would anyone make the case for those who are living in much better conditions than his, consuming his share of resources, polluting and not doing anything about it beside small camouflaging steps?

      • You say that i’m not living in the countries that are affected by climate change, so i should not say my opinion or ” make the case”?

    • no I am trying to see if your logic still applies if you were actually living there.

      • of course it will apply. Can’t you see the gaps that globalization has contributed to? the industrialized nations constitute a small percentage of the world’s population, and they contribute to the largest number of the use of natural resources. Plus, the industrialzed nations treat the developing countires as landfills. Where is the fairness in this? The industrialzed nations pollute and the impact of climate change is felt considerably in the developing nations. So? ….
        Actually, life isn’t fair. This is true.

  2. Humans have imposed undesirable conditions on the natural world, and now it is the turn of the natural world to impose on us its undesirable conditions!
    – Cherine Ak

  3. Global warming is serious issue imposing itself on us and we, as citizens, do not really think about it. But it’s time to take action! If we do not start caring about it we will be obliged to face very severe consequences. This is why, all nations should cooperate internationally to limit the changes we’re facing. The most important solutions that should be applied include: applying the one child policy, limiting green house gas emissions, stopping air and water pollution, relying on renewable energy resources…
    Although climate change is a global issue, local conservation efforts can greatly enhance and maintain resilience. However, it is important to mention that no matter what we do, we will never be able to reverse the climate change, we only can alleviate the problem.

  4. it is easy to talk about global warming…and it is easier from us to debating the cause…and accusing each other…while the whole globe is real danger…so come on guys why we don’t start to unify our power in order to solve these crises?

  5. “start to unify our power in order to solve these crises?” … can you give some examples please?

    Actions should start at the individual level.

  6. I agree with you that actions start at the individual level but I am totally sure the individual could not be motivated alone, so by unifying ideas and cheering up each other ; the actions would include individualssss!!

  7. The only solution is to start desposing our waste in a proper fashion and generating energy in an environmenttaly friendly manner to prevent this impact from getting any worse, theoretically doeable but try finding someone who actually listens…

  8. Climate change is expected to have both direct and indirect impacts on human health. At the same time, the scientific community must recognize that global climate change will occur on a backdrop of issues of land use, agricultural practices, coastal mega-cities, and changing demographics. Our understanding of the links between climate change and adverse human health impacts is increasing, but many knowledge gaps remain. i agree with what my classmates wrote earlier, it is our duty to try to stop this drastic change through changing our life style.

  9. We have always been where they dump their wastes …. nothing new!

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