Posted by: r.m. | March 30, 2011

another day, another oil spill, another violation of law

Another oil spill….(Up to 25,000 liters of kerosene contaminated water had to be pumped out of the eastern Mediterranean after a pipeline transporting the hydrocarbon from a tanker sprung a leak close to oil terminals in Dora.)

and it could have been avoided had Lebanese laws been implemented. (see this article from the Daily Star)

…From that article:

[Ministry of Environment] Rahhal said that his ministry had sent requests to oil companies in Lebanon in 2010 to prove that their facilities complied with pollution laws, as well as teams of investigators to check the safety mechanisms of various organizations. “We found huge breaches by all companies, except one committed to the rules, Total,” Rahhal said. “We sent warnings to all other companies asking them to adhere to the request we sent and [adhere to] anti-pollution laws and avoid shortcuts that were observed after the field investigation.” Rahhal insisted that oil companies, under environment regulations, were responsible for paying for the damage caused by their pollution, and that those who continue to defy the law would be handed over to a ministry general prosecutor.

Garabed Kazanjian, Oceans Campaigner at Greenpeace Mediterranean, said that both oil companies and the ministry were to blame for ongoing pollution caused by oil leaks.

“The major issue is the way that things are governed in Lebanon. Whenever companies receive a warning from the Ministry of Environment, they don’t comply with it because there is no one to follow up on things. They want to do things as cheaply as possible because there is no punishment.”

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