Posted by: r.m. | March 30, 2011

Yes, poisons kill, and kill more than just the target

Yes, poisons kill, and they kill more than just their intended “target”

So it is little surprise to read of another report condemning pesticides in The Independent

There are mounting fears around the world that the growing use of “neonicotinoid” pesticides, which work by poisoning the nervous system of insects, could explain why bees and other pollinating insects are in such dramatic decline in Britain, Europe and the United States, where the insecticide is widely used. … From the chief scientific adviser at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) [in the UK] ….

Neonicotinoids, which provide a £500m-a-year business for Bayer, the German chemical giant, contain compounds which do not simply sit on the surface of a plant, but are taken up into every part of it, including the pollen and nectar, where they can be absorbed by foraging bees and other pollinating insects, even though they are not the insecticide’s target species. Their use has been banned or restricted in France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia.

The concerns have been greatly heightened by two independent studies, which have recently found that neonicotinoids can significantly weaken honeybees and make them more prone to lethal infections.”


  1. I’ve been hearing about reasons for the decline in honeybees populations, and this the most straightforward blogpost I’ve read. Thanks for pointing out neonicotinoid pesticides, and their manufacturer Bayer.

  2. they are absorbed by the plant and the bees? Could this mean that traces of this chemical could be found in honey and other fruiting plants if they were to be tested?Is this safe for human consumption?

  3. The fate of these pesticides in the environment and the possible outcomes are extremely severe since they disrupt the equilibrium of nature. In fact, if they would not be banned as soon as possible the honeybee populations as well as other insects will head toward extinction. This will also affect other species in the food chain, meaning the target and non-target insects’ predators, and these species’ predators and so on. In addition, countries using these pesticides should think about their impacts when combined with other chemicals in the soil and water.
    If these dangerous pesticides are completely banned from all the countires, will the affected insect species ever be able to recover from the damage that they suffered from?

  4. It really stands to question why such concentrated toxic insecticides would be used in the first place. By dramatically killing off the bees, these “farmers” are then in turn negatively impacting agriculture which they benefit from. Also, the insecticide is absorbed throughout the entire plant! So wouldn’t it stand to question that any species whether it be human to other foragers, be severely affected? Once again the ignorance of man is shown.

  5. What is really funny about this article is that it makes fun and actually criticize human behavior! Just think about it…if somebody is suffereing from a cold or flu, the doctor would subsequently recommend him with a drug that is specific for this flu strain! Right? The doctor wouldn’t go all the way recommending him drugs for his whole body parts and other diseases the patient is not suffering from. The doctor wouldn’t recommend the patient to share some of his pills with his family! Would he?
    Then why on earth does an agricultural who is providing the ” good” for a plant through spreading some pesticides would go all the way affecting also it’s sourroundings and environment?!

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