Posted by: r.m. | March 31, 2011

food and income…

Ephraim Leibtag, an economist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, said these times of high food prices affect people disproportionately: “As situations change in the food market, who feels that more or less in their everyday lives? The consumer who spends the majority of spending on food, when there’s a food spike, if food prices are 40 percent of their budget, that takes a bigger hit.”

Click here to see interactive map shows data on the percentages of spending that go towards food by residents of countries around the world. Click on a percentage number for the total per capita household spending and food spending for that country

Unfortunately, the map has Israel and no occupied Palestinian Territories – so it is not known what “borders” of Israel are used.

Also unknown is the methodology used. Nevertheless…I’ve highlighted above the information presented on Egypt.



  1. the problem of high food prices is a major issue in lebanon. Most families are below the poverty line and the mid class society is disappearing. most individuals spend more than half their salaries on food. ofcourse the rich people are not affected by this situation since they are the ones that control the prices.

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