Posted by: r.m. | April 6, 2011

reconciling humans and wildlife…

…and here’s an excellent blog post by Reconciliation Ecology. How do we reconcile human population increase with the wild animals we love to protect – such as the tigers, the elephants?…

raises excellent questions:

Why do we (those of us in the conservation movement) find it easier to sympathize with the elephant than the farmer in its path, when both are being screwed out of their basic means of subsistence by larger socioeconomic forces beyond either of their control?

…The chest-beating sounds particularly hollow coming from Americans, who have exterminated most of the larger native species, especially carnivores, from most of their country, and continue to slaughter thousands of wild animals of all kinds every year, ostensibly because they may cause damage to farms and crops. Meanwhile, back in India, the land where most animals are tolerated (even worshipped, especially elephants) far more than perhaps anywhere else on this planet, even that long-held tolerance is wearing thin as our numbers grow and wildlife populations find themselves crowded into narrower bits of habitat. You can’t keep them confined even in the most protected areas though – that has never been nature’s way.

Do read the blog post and watch the two videos. Click here

Can we reconcile ourselves with wildlife…when we want to continue two destructive habits: overconsumption and overpopulation? Must we doom ourselves to living a lonely life in a lonely world – filled to the brim with things and people, empty of the music of wildlife?


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