Posted by: r.m. | April 11, 2011

Food and the Arab revolts

Here is the text of Rami Zurayk’s excellent speech at last week’s ‘Engaging Change in the Middle East – Reflections on Regional transformation‘ conference at AUB

A must read.



  1. Simply a great speech.
    There would be a great challenge ahead of whoever comes to power in Egypt for instance. The fall of key people does not mean that there wouldn’t be others craving power and pretending to be pro-reform. However there should be a well-studied plan to save the economy from the vicious circle it is in. The government’s primary mission should be to work for the insurance of its food self-sufficiency. A proper orientation for the workers class, and a proper land management are substantial, were these effort to give fruits.

  2. Zena Chahine

    this is a particularly intersting article because even since this article things have escalated in thearab region. As explained in class the pricing of these products, that may or may not have been the main reason for these upheavals, is due to demand and is relatively independent of availabiity. so where does that leave the Arab world now? how are our resources going to be handled?

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