Posted by: r.m. | April 18, 2011

enforcing the law only on the poor

Hmm… let’s see.  There are two communities violating the law, and building illegally on public property.

One of those communities builds weakly-constructed homes. In essence a roof over their heads.  They’re not the only ones who have illegally built homes – but they seem to be without a political cover. Their homes were built without the proper permits

The other community has built – and continues to build – private clubs and hotels on the public coasts. There is no permit to allow them to build these clubs and hotels since according to the Lebanese law, the coasts are for the public and should remain for the public.

Hmm… So which illegally-built property gets demolished?

Today, I saw on NewTV, the Lebanese “government” demolishing the homes. Making its own citizens homeless, house-less. Making the poor even poorer.

Meanwhile, our public coasts continue to be illegally privatized. By the rich – so they can become even richer.



  1. while I agree that the government has done nothing to help poor people, I am firmly believe that ALL violations of the law are unacceptable….poor or rich, noone should be give a pass….the latest incidents have caused a lot of controversy, but here as well there is a serious generalization being made….i am not fully knowledgable of all cases of illegal construction going on, but I can state from observation that some of the violators are not as “victimized” as they claim….In the past couple of days, on my daily route to Beirut from Ouzai, I have seen hundreds of construction sites…the important thing to note here that a lot of these newly built “houses/appartments/shops” are not made for the residents themselves…they are investments….they are rented out to foreign workers from different ethnicities….in other words, not only are the constructions themselves illegal, but so are the profits made out of them!!

  2. …to Beirut via Ouzia*

  3. via Ouzai** 😛

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