Posted by: r.m. | September 29, 2011

Not ‘green’ at all

Just because they are building renewable energy, does not necessarily mean they are implementing wise, environmentally sound actions.  In other words, just because they claim to be “green energy,” does not mean that they are protecting the environment.

A rule of thumb: the larger the project, the greater the possibility of harm.

And the problem is not just in the so-called developing world, so-called Southern nations. The over-developed, over-industrialized nations are doing quite a good job at behaving irrationally, stupidly – in the name of ‘green.’ (Al Gore would be proud.)

Here is one such story from Virginia. – The Not-So Green Mountains

Note how they destroy so much – while not even solving the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.




  1. There are some cases as the one you stated but other big projects are running well but unfortunately they’re not major news in the media world. I read something about a power sation the other day it’s called “Montalto power station” its in Italy the project started of small by a developer which than was claimed by a bigger company. The station runs on photovaltic cells the project was a success that they increased its outcome to provide more watts. The idea of renewable energy is some how attractive but the ongoing ideas makes what they so call projects of the future complete fails. forexample the montalto power station is simple yet useful due to the usage of sun ray trackers to keep capture sunlight energy as much as possible. by the way there have been some talks about usage of “bacteria” to convert biomass into electricity and with the genetics field’s progressiveness such an idea seems promising. by [riyad al homsi ecology section1]

  2. Elizabeth Jabbour BIOL207 fall 2011
    I think that “building” new projects in the name of green energy and improving the environment should have some restrictions: destroying a forest to build arecycling factory is stated in the article”not so green mountains” : “Ironically, most of the state’s environmental groups have not taken a stand on this ecologically disastrous project. Apparently, they are unwilling to stand in the way of “green” energy development, no matter how much destruction it wreaks upon Vermont’s core asset: the landscape that has made us who we are. ” this unfortunate statement tells us that in the name of green energy companies are willing to destroy nature to preserve nature ! moreover, the shoking fact is that the environmental groups are NOT fighting this.nature can not be preserved by deforestation even for an apparent”good cause”.Ministries of environment should take immediate actions against this misleading of the masses, and more reserves should be stated in order to protect the massive building actions seen around the world.

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