Posted by: r.m. | October 6, 2011

Quarries: what about the workers?

Quarries in Lebanon. Typically discussed from either a political, societal perspective — i.e, the level of corruption and gross mismanagement — or from an environmental perspective — i.e., the dramatic, irreversible harm such massive-hole-creations impose on the environment.  Forgotten are the miners themselves.

Kudos to Al-Akhbar for highlighting this third dynamic of the industry: The Forgotten Miners. Check it out.




  1. It is so sad that we are now living in a world that looks at people as a mere means to reaching an end. The value of a human life is the value of money that they can provide their employees.

    A quick search on the internet, on simply one website reveals the numerous health damaging situations that workers on quarries face. The risks range from dermatitis (when the skin contacts certain iritant substances) to bad posture to asthma, musculoskeletal conditions, deafness and skin cancer. The poor workers don’t even fight for their health care rights. In the article, Hasan was told that the asthma wasn’t considered “a work-related health problem”.

    I dont think that you can really put the blame on the employers though. They will push the line as far as the government allows them to, just like children push their parents’ buttons as far as they can. When will Lebanon be governed by justice and not a bank cheque?

  2. this is a timely post, when “cheques” are proposing to take over power plants in Lebanon. Unregulated privatization, that will be one more way to disregard the rights of Lebanese people.

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