Posted by: r.m. | October 6, 2011

The Living Bridge

A beautiful example of place-sensitive thinking and working within the world to meet human needs.

The Living Bridge

or view the video here


  1. that was one heck of a jaw-dropper… it’s incredible how that man thought of it and was actually able to grow an entire bridge out of fig tree roots…
    the great thing is that there is actually a project called “habitat garden” that works on utilizing nature in architecture….i thought u might like to check it out

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  3. I am truly happy that some societies still know that the only way to deal with nature’s potential threats is to use natural ways – i was starting to lose hope.
    In other societies, they would’ve come up with fast & expensive unnatural solutions that will only do more harm to nature and will not necessarily be efficient

  4. It is an amazing work of nature ! some societies especially those who appreciate nature are trying to inherit this appreciation to their descendents. Not only this, but also they come up with solutions that do not harm nature.

  5. Zena Chahine

    That is the most beautiful bridge I think anyone has ever seen. It just goes to show that there is a natural solution to all our wordly problems…not everything requires heavy machinery. Other than its beauty, this bridge will serve humans as well as preserve nature for many generations to come. No bridge can beat that!!

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