Posted by: r.m. | October 13, 2011

new climate change report…further attention and action needed

So, last week week, US scientists published a report calling for “bioengineering” as the last step to mitigate climate change.


From today’s Independent:

Geoengineering or climate engineering solution to climate change: marine cloud whitening

Jane C. S. Long, associate director-at-large of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, is convinced that the only sensible way to combat climate change is to work toward “a zero-emission energy system as fast as possible.” But as chairwoman of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s 18-member task force on geoengineering, the hydrologist and energy expert realized two fundamental things: that the world has still not come to its senses on global warming, and that science would be remiss if it didn’t consider the possibility that CO2 emissions will continue to soar for decades.


The report is available here –



  1. Zena Chahine

    The problem with climate change is not how to stop it from occuring because at this point it is inevitable. The main concern should be to raise awareness among nations to stop doing what they are already doing that is drastically speeding climate change. we cannot risk new ideas such as marine cloud whitening that may or may not dramatically decrease climate change because we might find ourselves facing other problems. Call me reserved but changing the chemical composition of clouds to emit sunlight may have permanent reprecussions beyond what we may comprehend at this point. I believe we should focus our powers on what we know for a fact is increasing the effects of climate change and stop it.

  2. Christopher Jabbour
    BIOL 207

    I think it is about time we stop looking for ways to cease climate change and redirect our thoughts toward ways to kind of delay it. The way I see it, marine cloud whitening is another multi-million dollar project that is going to have an impact for 5 – 10 years tops, make some profit to a specific organization and make some rich people richer. As long as there is money involved, everyone is willing to “volunteer” all of a sudden.

  3. Elizabeth Jabbour BIOL 207
    I think that we should in some way find ways not to DELAY climate change but to come to solutions on how to minimize its consequences and effects on the earth: instead of trying to built new geoengineered techniques and processes to solve ” enviromental” problems, we should understand what our environment really needs… production of new CO2 and its release into the atmosphere is definetly not a very smart way to positively find a solution for climate change: I also think that untill human beings will really savour the results of such a change on their cities, buisnesses and ultimatly lives, they wil not be aware of how serious this problem is.

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