Posted by: r.m. | October 18, 2011

trafficking gorillas… to the Arab world?

Trafficking of baby gorillas poses new threat to endangered species


DR Congo authorities say they are powerless to combat trade in which poachers demand up to $40,000 an animal

Shamavu the baby gorilla rescued from poachers in DR Congo


“International experts said they believe the route lies east. Ian Redmond, chairman of the conservation group the Ape Alliance, said: “We think the Middle East is a likely source of demand, wealthy animal collectors and a tradition of giving big gifts to curry favour … and maybe wealthy Russians, but there is little hard evidence.

“What we do know is that just the rumour that someone is looking to buy a baby ape can be enough for penniless hunters to think: ‘I could get one of those and sell it for $$$$!’ And in eastern DRC, once one is captured it is likely to be smuggled eastwards through either Rwanda or Uganda, the traditional trade routes for all goods in that area.”

A report on ape trafficking by Karl Ammann, an investigative film maker, claimed that dozens of gorillas and hundreds and chimpanzees have been taken from Cameroon via Nigeria to Egypt.



  1. Elizabeth Jabbour BIOL207
    as we are now conducting our presentations about endangered species in our ecology class, i think this topic is very interesting to use to discuss , specially as it is happening in the arab world:
    1st of all, the outrageous “pet” ideas that some people have is very silly and humiliating to animals : gorillas as pets? have we gone that far? Do we really want to capture a huge animal that is impossible to be fitted in any house, and treat it as a pet? besode the debate that i think that animals belong to their natural habitat.. which is almoset never a house or even someone’s mansion…its in the wilderness.
    2nd of all i think that the local people that live in the same areas
    and environement as the gorillas do are the main responsibles for their trafficing.people should be more aware about yhe importance of saving an endangered species. They might not care now, but they will when this specie becomes extinct.Let the arab citizens buying gorillas now tell ther children and grabdchildren about what a gorilla is decades from now.we should be more responsible in the quest for preserving diversity

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