Posted by: r.m. | October 20, 2011

another hypocrisy…

Every now and then, every-all-too-often, we are faced with another hypocrisy, another dumbing-down of our intellect.

Here’s the latest one:


That ad is plastered on large billboards along the Beirut-Tripoli highway.

So, it doesn’t matter what you buy, just so long as you shop. And by buying something, just something, then, you’ll be supporting nature. And isn’t that just grand? don’t you feel better about yourself now? aren’t we step a closer to supporting nature now? and all the while you can buy your latest technological gadget to add to your ever increasing supply, since, of course, you can’t use your mobile phone for more than an year even though it works just find. isn’t life beautiful?


Who gets these meager cents dolled out from our excessive, mind-numbing consumerism anyway? Will it go to another large, bureaucratic environmental NGO that will then spend some 80% of those few cents on overhead? Or will it be given to an environmental project run by the World Bank? Ah, that would be splendid.

And what the hell does it mean to “Support Nature”? Truly, what does that mean?

Is Nature like an old, crippled woman that just needs a crutch for physical support, and with our collected crumbs we can get her one?

And what is “Nature”? Where do we find it? Is she just in the forests and the streams – somewhere over there?

You really want to “support Nature”?

Simple.  Start by supporting us, we the people.  Work for logical, intelligent thinking.  Recognize the interactions that are all around us. Recognize that we are only one species living amongst millions of other species. Breathe that into your body. What would it mean to share? And to share because it is the selfish thing to do.

Then stop shopping.


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