Posted by: r.m. | October 20, 2011

More on Jeita

so, today, the President and Prime Minister and the Minister of Tourism, and their entourage, went to Jeita to further promote…yes, the vote.

They gave a few short speeches afterwards. Sleiman, most interestingly, called for all Lebanese ‘not to vote for me, but to vote for Jeita.’
Well, uh, we don’t vote for him at all. He is chosen by th Parliament. Is he proposing a change in that system, or did he forget? I’m all for electing a president, and not leaving that to a group of people who are themselves unrepresentative.

He also encouraged all Lebanese, both those living in Lebanon and the expats, to vote… and to vote again.

Vote again?

Hmm… So, if this is a vote, why should anyone vote more than once? What kind of a vote is that? A skewed popularity contest, skewed against smaller populated countries, assuming all else are promoting their own superficial nationalism?

And, if the vote does not allow double voting, then why is the Pewident promoting ‘breaking the rules’?

And, if the vote does allow double voting, then why should our government promote something so problematic in structure?

More importantly, it takes much more than a vote for Jeita to be ‘green’, to be ‘supportive of the environment’.

If the government really is concerned about environmental protection, let it take a holistic examination. Environmental stewardship extends beyond promoting touristic places.

And as for tourism, want to promote tourism? Th big question is why? For whom? With what objective? To decrease poverty, or to make Lebanon ‘prettier’ to the foreign tourists?



  1. what a really negative approach … ofcourse we are not making educated decisions, heck a lot of lebanese never visited other sites. But why wouldn’t we want jeita on the new 7 wonders list ? maybe it has no effect on you … but you work in a private institution & you didn’t care to mention tourist-based businesses in your blog here…. may i remind you that our economy is built on services , would it hurt if we have more tourists ??? as long as we also get a piece of the pie I personally won’t mind… if certain people take the bigger piece of the pie … why shun tourism instead of shunning those people ??? this may be further discussed, but i have no more time for now ….. this was only a piece of mind … after all we all have the right to state our opinion …

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