Posted by: r.m. | October 26, 2011

Murr vs boycott Israel & free expression

Rania al-Masri, one of the organizers of the boycott and a defendant in the lawsuit, questioned Murr’s motives for taking legal action.</p>

Speaking to The Daily Star Tuesday, Masri said that should this lawsuit succeed, this would jeopardize the Lebanese people’s right to freedom of expression and the implementation of the country’s laws, including the boycott law.

Masri said that Placebo’s performance was a violation of Lebanon’s boycott law from 1955, which calls on Lebanese citizens to boycott Israel and prohibits interactions with Israeli citizens or companies.

“If you read the law in its spirit, then yes, it constitutes a violation,” she said.


Masri says she remains undeterred by the lawsuits.

“If Murr is planning to lead a campaign against the boycott movement in Lebanon, he should be aware that it has become an international campaign,” Masri said.

“If he wants to open a fight, we welcome the opportunity … as we will have a bigger platform to explain why we are boycotting Israel,” she said.

The statement from the Boycott National Committee also accused Murr of using his resources and his media to promote the idea of separating art from politics and Israel’s policy of apartheid, but said that Placebo’s violation of the cultural boycott is a political stance and an act of complicity that serves Israeli propaganda.”

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(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::



  1. Great job Rania! You have my support. Tell us, diaspora-Lebanese how we can help.

  2. just saw the petition,

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