Posted by: r.m. | November 3, 2011

Correction: forced payment for Jeita vote

UPDATE – CORRECTION: it is a rumor, a false rumor.  If you send an sms to New Seven Wonders – you, not the Lebanese taxpayer, will pay the 10 cents per vote.

[By the way, isn’t it odd that you can only vote once via email, which is a free vote, and you can vote as many times as you want via sms, and each time you pay 10 cents. Hmm… a money-making scheme?]


Okay, so, in the midst of poverty in the country (at 38% national average), in the midst of our infrastructure falling apart (eg – our water infrastructure lines have not been updated since 1975), in the midst of all this, our government decides to spend our money (meager as it is – it the principle here that matters) to support a private company (a german company that benefits from the high entrance fees), and to support a questionable (at best) company running the “vote” (example: why should I pay for the vote, where does that money go, etc?), and to support a “vote” that is not based on representation or on merit but based on technological ability (can you set up a false email account to keep voting) vs masses of people repeatedly voting, our government has decided the following:

“The Ministry of Telecommunication in compliance with the resolution 592 issued by Prime Minister Mikati on 3/11/11 announces that: The Ministry of Finance headed by Minister Safadi will completely takeover the payments of votes for
the New Seven Wonders of the World, therefore voting for Jeita on 1070 has become completely FREE, effective on 4/11/11.”
Free? No.
It means that now we are all forced to pay whether or not we want to vote.
Where is the democracy in that?
(thank you Marianna)


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