Posted by: r.m. | December 13, 2011

Syria again…

There are two faces to the crisis in Syria now for me. There is the personal side, with the detention and upcoming (so-called facade of a ) trial of Razan Ghazzawi , and there are the thoughts about what is happening in Syria now and where it could all go.

And, I must confess.  I had forgotten how good TV reporters push their questions, and how much stronger I should be to push for my answers. Russia Today news anchors are stronger than those I had gotten accustomed to in Lebanon, and more reminscent of the anchors in the US.  Thus, after my second interview on RT (as with my first interview), I reprimand myself on not enunciating clearer what I had planned to say.  I answered his question on armed intervention, yes, I oppose it, but I didn’t follow through with my prepared notes: the Syrian government is facilitating the plans of certain Western countries for armed intervention by continuing with its repression. And the Syrian government *is* making it easier. 

A UN report today claims that 5,000 people have been killed in Syria.  Let’s go so far as to say that half of those were killed by the government — that figure is still horrific.

As I said on RT yesterday, the reports issues by the Syrian Human Rights Observatory lack credibility — but nevertheless we still know that crimes are being committed by the Government. We may disagree over the numbers of victims, but the crimes and the acts of repression are still being committed. That much is clear.

And it is wrong. criminal. tragic.

I hope that message came out during the interview.



  1. a

  2. thank you ,
    you were not only a teacher, u used to be a role model as well,

    thank you for killing us even more


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