Posted by: r.m. | December 13, 2011

water in Beirut: how *not* to supply it



  1. After reading the article , I can firstly say that it is sad to know that Lebanon once known for its richness in water is now dealing with a water deficit problem and that the Lebanese government is negotiating highly expensive and costly plans in order to supply Lebanese homes with their water needs. Moreover I personally think that all the plans suggested and are just a way for the government to steal again , and these plans simply won’t be any efficient for improving the water supply and water quality in Lebanon. Hence the Awali project won’t do any good for the water crisis that the country is facing and will cost the Lebanese people more than it would bring them any good

  2. We have always been taught that Lebanon is one of the richest countries in water… But to who/what are we comparing ourselves ?! even if the resources are as available as some sources claim,it is the proper harvesting and the real availability of water for its usage that is important.Moreover what intrests me more is the quality first, and the cost of this project second; It is no secret that the Lebanese government is under huge debt; So an efficient plan is needed both on the heath level and financial level; I really think that such a project should be studied from ministry of health on a first term .Furthermore,”the US$200 million deal for the Awali has already been signed by both parties and only needs the approval of parliament before it can move forward”… The parliament should not agree on this project before further research and investigations.

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