Posted by: r.m. | January 1, 2012

Imagine it…

For this new year, set aside new year resolutions that are filled with promises of what not to do (not to smile, not to have dessert for dinner, etc)

For this new, year set aside the negativity about 2011 (the ongoing occupations,detentions, uncertainties, economic and environmental injustices, etc)

For this new year, spend some time imagining, envisioning what you would like to see, to do, to feel.  What does it look like? What does it feel like?  Relish in it, the imagining, relish in it

A free Palestine… What does it look like?

A Lebanon with citizens (watan aw muwaten)

Economic justice built on environmental laws of finite growth, and satisfaction replacing consumerism


Wolves free, not hunted


Love embraced without fear

What else?






  1. a moral system

  2. A maximum wage for the rich

  3. Fear spoke out loudly

  4. A planet without borders, prisons without walls, people without labels

  5. Love … which is the one and only key to any form of justice whether political, academic, economic , environmental …

  6. Peace between all nations .. The US will no longer interfere in the political issues of any nation .. A world free of dictators.
    Investment of the money allocated for buying arms and war supplies in helping the starving people.
    Equality and Justice .. Maybe if I keep on imagining how i would like the world to be like the list will go and on.
    Maybe they’re just a dream that will never be realized.

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