Posted by: r.m. | March 12, 2012

Kony 2012: Beware of white-man’s-do-good-liberalism

There is another wave of feel-good, decontextualized, white-man liberalism that is sweeping the Internet.  A wave of “rescue-children-by-military-means” and “a-child-killed-by-a-bad-man-is-a-victim-while-one-killed-with-good-intentions-is-an-accident.”


Pay attention to context, consistency, and details.

Rather than repeat what has already been eloquently written about the Kony craze and Uganda, I want to higlight several excellent articles and draw your attention to them.

Justice does not arise if problems are decontextualized.

Justice does not arise through piece-meal ahistoric policies.

Justice does not arise through foreign agendas and so-called “humanitarian military intervention.”

Justice arises through solidarity. Not charity.



  1. And talking about Kony, I would like to share this video that shows a huge anger toward Angelina Jolie:

  2. I was really looking forwatrd for your feedback on this kony craze…. thx:)

  3. Thanks Elie 🙂

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