Posted by: r.m. | May 14, 2012

the interconnectedness of us all – with other beings

I want to share this story with you.  It reminds us that we are connected – not just with each other, but with all beings on this magical earth.

 A man was able to reach out to traumatized, wild elephants in South Africa. 

And when he died, the wild elephants somehow knew they had lost an amazing friend, and they marched to his home to pay homage to him.


Here is the story:

Read it all and read it slowly. 

And read it with the recognition that these stories themselves are not anamolies.

 There are numerous stories of communication between humans and (non-human) animals, and even a few between humans and plants.  There are numerous stories of friendship across species.  The word ‘family’ gains a larger meaning here. As does, in its very essence, our view of the environment and of each other.  Animals are no longer ‘things’ to be used and discarded for our desires. Rather, they are friends.

What if, just what if, each of us on this earth were to be this gentle and loving towards the other animals as this man was? What kind of a world would we create? How small would our anger become? How deep would be the love and the solidarity? How beautiful would be this world?



  1. truly wow. just wow. that this person existed. how brave and giving. dedicating his life to troubled elephants and taking such a risk. how courageous of him to believe that he can communicate with these animals in such a way that they would not try to escape again. but surely this leads to my next point, the elephants! how fascinating, how they communicate, their plan making and their emotions! im positive that he made his decisions based on how highly he thinks of the elephants and their intelligence. he probably knew that they are worthy of his trust and so they were. i never really knew how intelligent elephants were. i noticed this especially when they managed to break the generator with a tree. i mean i think it would be exactly what humans would have done in that case to avoid touching the wired fence. and the part where he tried talking to nana pleading was adorable. he knew the absurdity of it and yet it wasn’t so absurd at all! i don’t know if i believe that nana actually understood what he was asking for and thought about it and took the decision to leave but it really seems to be the case. and why not? weren’t we once at such a point and evolved to have such intricate and complex brains? so yes lesson learned;
    do not underestimate these beautiful creatures and their intelligence.
    you can love them and be loved and remembered back by them.
    and the fact that they grieved over his loss and visited his home is too loving and unexpected. he obviously deserved their love and solidarity. like you said, how amazing would it be if each one of us were to be this loving. to think a bit more of other organisms than just each other and be more gentle and loving towards one another. these little stories happening across the earth leave me so hopeful

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