Posted by: r.m. | May 20, 2012

If I were an Egyptian…

For the past few weeks in Cairo, the dominant conversation is: who to vote for in the upcoming Presidential elections.  At a restaurant, the staff opens the conversation.  In a taxi, the driver opens the conversation.  and, of course, amongst my colleagues and friends, it is persistent.

Which leads me, a non-Egyptian, to wonder…

If I were an Egyptian, and thus could vote in the upcoming elections, who would I vote for? …  the choice would be clear for me.

I would vote for who I would want to win, and not the lesser of the evils.  If you vote for the lesser of the wrongs, guess what you get: still a wrong.  Just as for the environment, I don’t opt for “less toxins” but “no toxins,” in politics, I opt for “a good choice” and not a “lesser-bad choice.”

Eugene Debs, that marvelous socialist who ran for US president, said:


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