Posted by: r.m. | June 24, 2012

Egypt election results


(after a tedious one-hour long introduction)…

latest election results:

  • 51% voter turnout.
  • 15,577,510 correct votes. 843,252 invalid votes (~5% of the votes).
  • Shafiq: 12,347,380 (48.47%).
  • Morsi: 13,230,131 (51.53%)

Keep in mind:

  • Morsi gets a Presidency without a job description
  • SCAF is still in charge
  • Morsi only had ~24% of original vote. Shafiq less than that.  Which means that ~75% of those who voted wanted neither of those men. — in other words, he (Morsi and the MB) know that they do not have the backing of the majority of the *people*.
  • This latest vote is more of a vote against the establishment, than a vote for the MB

The revolution (or uprising, as some call it) continues.  The struggle for democracy is long. And arguably the struggle for social justice equally long, if not longer.  People are now empowered, feeling empowered.  Now: to get rid of the military control (see: this article on SCAF)

And to remember, always, in Egypt and elsewhere: Democracy is a means to social justice – but not the end goal.



  1. Reblogged this on Nizar Rammal and commented:
    well said. i may add, that both winners and looser (Mursi and Chafik) got each 50% of the 50% of the eligible voters.
    and going back to round one, both Hamdeen Sabahi and Abou el Foutouh got 45% of the votes. this should be taken into consideration by the new ruling party.

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