Posted by: r.m. | July 3, 2012

Rio+20: corporations win, we all lose

so who won at Rio+20? corporations. and when corporations, whose primary goal is to make money, and to make it with less regulation, who then loses?…

 According to official numbers, 2,700 business leaders participated of the event, which led to three main outcomes: an offer by the business community to be part of the creation and promotion of Sustainable Development Goals, a commitment to advance corporate water management practices, and a series of measures to promote sustainability education in management and business schools.

Spaces such as the World Green Summit also saw companies such as Pepsico, Philips, BMW, and Schneider Electric talk about what they needed from governments (public-private partnerships, market deregulation) in order to push their businesses forward.

so, what to be expected? under the deceiving guise of ‘public-private’ partnerships (i.e. private does what public should have done), corporations will continue their sale of commons – from water (a human need) onwards



  1. The privatization of the environment started at the first Rio, when its then director-general, Maurice Strong, helped created the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. As a strategy, this has worked a treat for business because it places sustainable development as a subset of market liberalization, and through partnerships allows transnational corporations to shape the agenda.

    It’s easy to blame corporations, but the real problem is that governments are unengaged, and happy to hand the problem over to their corporate ‘partners’.

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