Posted by: r.m. | July 4, 2012

Climate change preview… and more irrationalities…

This past month has been record-breaking … from an environmental perspective.

The June 2012 heat wave in the US was one of the greatest recorded in human history.  Specifically, just in the past two weeks, Colorado has  suffered the worst forest fires in its history, a deadly Mid-Atlantic storm left 23 dead and four million without power, and the East Coast and the Midwest experienced a record shattering heatwave not seen since the Dust Bowl. More than 2,000 heat records have been broken in the past week.  The Guardian’s U.S. environment correspondent Suzanne Goldenberg and Jeff Masters, director of meteorology at the Weather Underground website. “What we’re seeing now is the future,” Masters says. “We’re going to be seeing a lot more weather like this, a lot more impacts like we’re seeing from this series of heatwaves, fires and storms. … This is just the beginning.” 

And that’s just the US…

Now, fires rage in Spain. “The Spanish city of Valencia sits under a blanket of ash, as two converging fires continue to devour the eastern coast of the country. Since the blaze ignited last week, more than 45,000 hectares of land have been destroyed, forcing upwards of 2,000 people to flee their homes. …. Commenting on the season’s disasters, Princeton University geosciences and international affairs professor Michael Oppenheimer said: “What we’re seeing really is a window into what global warming really looks like. It looks like heat. It looks like fires. It looks like this kind of environmental disaster.”

Scientists call US summer a global warming preview: Horrendous wildfires. Oppressive heat waves. Devastating droughts. Flooding from giant deluges. And a powerful freak wind storm called a derecho.

[Yes, I am scared, and angry, and disgusted at the selfish-greed of this one species that disregards all others.  And, yes, I know i’m generalizing about our species; I am speaking about those who hold power, and the silent pegs who keep them there and the consuming pegs who regard their desires as their rights]

Meanwhile, Homo sapiens irrationality continues…

… from the entertainment industry – also known as the corporate media

… to those who claim they are “green” and thus promote this most oxymoron-ish of terms: sustainable growth!

Here is a clear refute to that irrationality, from the Post-Growth Institute:

You know folks, I’m a bit worried about my 16-year-old son, Jimi. When he was 13, he grew three inches. When he was 14, he grew five inches. When he was 15 his growth slowed to three inches, and no matter how much I feed him, now he isn’t growing at all past his current six-one. Could someone please tell me how to achieve sustainable growth for my son, so that he can keep getting bigger forever?

The insanity of my plan is no less than the insanity of the explicit goal of the Rio environmental summit: sustainable development. That phrase could mean a lot of things in theory; in practice, what it means is, in the words of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones, to “maintain economic growth and protect the environment.” 

 So, salutations to Homo sapiens irrationality.  May the rational members of our species rise up strong and take back the power from the suicidal idiots.


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