Posted by: r.m. | July 5, 2012

more theft of Palestinian land, water, and resources by Israel

Another report documenting the inequality imposed on Palestinians by the occupying Israeli state.  Another report documenting apartheid.

Another report documenting how the Israeli state alters an occupied land – a violation of international law. Another report documenting Israeli crimes.

Another report documenting the suffering imposed upon Palestinians.

Today, OXFAM released  a report entitled “On the Brink: Israeli settlements and their impact on Palestinians in the Jordan Valley.” Go here to download the report

Note: All Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem are illegal. All of them.  Not only unethical, not only stolen (as all of Palestine has been stolen) but also regarded by international law as illegal.

Here are  highlights of the report:

  •  Palestinians are limited to only 6% of the land in the Jordan Valley – while (illegal Jewish-only) settlers, who are 13% of the population, control more than 86% of the land!
  • While the Israeli settlements there have developed modernised agribusinesses that produce crops for high-value export to the European Union (EU) and international markets, Palestinian farmers – most of whom are smallholders – face restrictions that severely hamper their ability to sell their produce locally, regionally, or internationally.
  • Government of Israel spends $24,650 per settler each year on various subsidies and grants to Israeli settlements across the OPT [that’s US taxpayer money] — 57% higher than expenditures within “Israel”
  • Palestinians receive no subsidies.
  • “Unless action is taken now, there are strong indications that the situation will deteriorate further. Recent years have seen a significant rise in construction of Israeli settlements, violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians, and demolition of Palestinian buildings and other structures such as cisterns, solar panels and animal pens.”
  • “In March 2012, the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, approved a budget allocating $2m for additional settlements in the Jordan Valley and Binyamin District. These decisions represent part of an alarming negative trend whereby land, resources, and livelihoods in the Jordan Valley are being systematically denied to Palestinian communities in order to expand settlements.”

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