Posted by: r.m. | October 17, 2012

“Elections” in the US – the debates and more

So, last night was the second of the so-called presidential debates. I say, ‘so called,’ because only the Democrat vs Republican are allowed on these televised debates. Absent and silenced are the many “third-parties” (The Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the Justice Party) – Absent and silenced were open questions from the floor in this second so-called debate.  Absent and silenced was an assessment of how much these two fellows (Romney and Obama) actually agree.

Check out these links:

Meanwhile, after this second alleged debate, folks will discuss who actually “won” — and typically it is not the issues that are brought up here but the style and wit and eloquence of the speaker.

Bob Witanek spoke – with style and wit and eloquence –  on his facebook status, as to who actually won last night’s debate:

And the winner is . . . well, let’s start with the losers: 1. The victims of US warfare for the next 4 years that one or the other imperial POTUS will carry out, including those blown up by drone bombs, tomahawk, 2300 pounders, bunker bombers, white phosphorus – as well as those strangled by sanctions imposed based upon lies and deception; 2. those whose suffering including starvation, worker super exploitation, death from curable disease and from lack of access to potable water, various other forms of super oppression by the sharpening of exploitation enforced by the full mechanisms of imperialist meddling and intervention; 3. those domestically whose standard of living will continue to free fall due to rising food, energy, medical, insurance and dropping compensation, employment levels – as well as retracting safety net – so the loser is most of the population of the world and nation – all will lose – some more than others – SO THE WINNER IS: The billionaire corporate owners on whose behalf the the current or next president will serve for the next 4 years.

And to add to all of it: the greatest threat facing our planet wasn’t even discussed: climate change.


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