Posted by: r.m. | October 21, 2012

humble thoughts, Beirut, Gaza…

There is much that to be said in the aftermath of the bombing Friday afternoon in Beirut.

I can speak of the tendency to elevate the killed public figures to sainthood, and then use their deaths for political objectives.

I can speak of the hypocrisy of the response. (As As’ad Abu Khalil wrote: There was a car bomb in Damascus a few months ago that killed a Syrian  intelligence chief.  Western media and governments hailed the bombing as a heroic act that killed a villain.  There was a car bomb in Lebanon yesterday  against a Lebanese intelligence chief.  Western media and governments denounced  the bombing as a heinous terrorist act that killed a good guy.)

I can speak of Georgette Sarkissian, the 42-year old mother who was killed by the bomb while she was going home to heat food for her children.  Georgette, who has been forgotten by the politicians. Georgette, the martyr that represents all martyrs, the victim that represents the horror and insanity of these crimes.  Wissam Hassan is not the martyr of all Lebanon; Georgette is.

I can speak of the harm that is yet to come, the further divisions in an already-divided country, the possibly negative ramifications it will have on Syria.

I can also speak of the additional crime committed by the-oh-so-moral Israeli government on the next day: the kidnapping and assault of the Gaza Aid Ship Estelle, and the ongoing, illegal, occupation of Gaza’s sea and imprisonment of the Palestinians in Gaza. (

In many ways, the crimes are continuing against our people…

I can speak of it all… but for now, I just wish to say: taHya Surya

تحيا سوريا… كل سوريا … من فلسطين للبنان لسورية

May we liberate ourselves from violence, sectarianism, and occupation.

The struggle continues


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