Posted by: r.m. | October 9, 2013

leaving the world as we know it

Terrestrial ecosystems at risk of major shifts as temperatures increase

A press release from the European Geosciences Union: Over 80% of the world’s ice-free land is at risk of profound ecosystem transformation by 2100, a new study reveals. “Essentially, we would be leaving the world as we know it,” says Sebastian Ostberg of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany. Ostberg and collaborators studied the critical impacts of climate change on landscapes and have now published their results in Earth System Dynamics, an open access journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).

Full article available here:



  1. Jad Ghantous Biol 207 A1210451
    It is truly a shame of how just two degrees could transform life on high altitude and high latitude areas. One can not be certain of the major life changes ahead in our life span if we do not try to end this heat rise. We can always predict but it could always be much worse in reality.

  2. When “86% of the natural land ecosystems” are at risk posed by the global warming we are causing this is enough of an alarm for us to move. When such reports indicate that boreal forests would turn into savannas this is a serious problem that we would all feel the effect of. The article shows that there is a hope of limiting the disastrous effects if we move and do so now.

  3. We can see here that one type of biome will turn into the other due to climate change! This is a big deal. Note that even a 1 or 2 degree(s) rise in earth temperature will lead to partial alteration in land ecosystems (20%). Water and other major resources will definetly became scant.The major problem is the rate at which this deteriorating is occuring.The good thing is that it all depends on further actions adopted by us humans. Which means that we can make the situation worse, or work on decreasing the consequences. Let us see what happens in hope that nations awake before it’s too late!
    Lynn Bitar

  4. The report explains that even if the warming is limited to a 2 degree change, 20% of the terrestrial biomes are under the risk of major transformation which is quite an alarming fact. It should make humans reconsider their actions and opt for effective actions to lessen the severity of the threat ahead. Although a two degree rise in temperature may seem negligible for us, it is of major impact to many ecological processes, habitats, and biomes. However, if no action is undertaken the temperature shall rise more and the gravity of the transformation will be more and more.This article is just another one of these articles highlighting the urgency to act against climate change, and it should be an incentive before the situation exacerbates and becomes irrevocably uncontrollable.

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