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Climate change: devastation…and resistance

There’s a great deal of news on climate change (little of it it getting the deserved headlines, though)

Here’s the bad news

—  2047: The Year the World Hits ‘Climate Departure’ ‘Within my generation, whatever climate we were used to will be a thing of the past,’ says lead researcher of new study.  Full article here:

The “years of climate departure” for various cities across the globe. (Image: University of Hawaii/Abby Frazier)

–  As Planet Warms, 13% of Humanity Headed for Worse Water Scarcity. New studies finds 1 billion will face new or increased water scarcity by the century’s end if ‘business continues as usual’. Read full article here: Dryland near Manatuto, Timor-Leste (Photo: Flickr Creative Commons / UN / Martine Perret)


But there is some good news!

Alaska’s Supreme Court Will Rule on This College Freshman’s Global Warming Lawsuit

Many college students consider it an accomplishment if they beat their hangovers and make it to class on time. But last year, Nelson Kanuk, a freshman at at the University of Alaska–Fairbanks, sued his state for failing to reduce carbon emissions or slow climate change. Last week, the Alaska Supreme Court agreed to hear Kanuk’s appeal, becoming the first high court in the country to take up such a case. (You can view the full hearing, which took place in a high school auditorium, here.)

Kanuk hails from a remote Yup’ik Eskimo village called Kipnuk, which is accessible primarily via river. Due to melting permafrost, the riverbank that protects Kanuk’s family’s house from floods softened, and some 13 feet of their front yard was swallowed up by the rushing water. The family has since been forced to move about 100 miles away.

Read full article here: 



  1. Marianne Bersaoui, BIOL207
    Time is what separate us from Global Warming… We should care about saving our grandchildren from climate change.
    Phasing out fuels like oil and coal can bring immediate improvements in air pollution. Air pollution has turned out to be more dangerous, leading to environmental causes of cancer, comparable to secondhand smoke. Climate change well also has impact on the sustainability of water supplies. It is also one of the most serious public health threats.
    To prevent this disaster, we have to get some solutions such as: reduce the extent of driving car by using public transportation and avoiding of using one car/person, planting trees to reduce carbon dioxide, reduce the use of plastic bags, use solar systems to run appliances. Another efficient global warming solution is “recycling”, hence if you are planning to change your mobile phone, recycle it and get a new one at discounted price. Strict implementation of all these measures would be possible only if every citizen feels responsible and implements them. Media should also participate in enlightening public by promoting programs to pass such valuable information.

  2. This article brings up many negative repercussions of climate change such as biodiversity threats, species extinction, temperature norms exceed. These consequences can be serious threats to the life as we know it.
    However, this article doesn’t bring up solutions to these problems. The reader after reading this aricle will know the present environmental problem, but he won’t be able to save what is left since he doesn’t know how. Therefore, i strongly advice any writer of such articles to include solutions so that when the reader, becoming interested in the topic, he will be able to instantly begin with the solutions and so, better constant environmental norms can be reachieved.

  3. The article well presents us to the case Kanuk; a story which has both a negative and a positive aspect. In the story of Kanuk we see that the effects of global warming might spare no one if no intervention stops it yet and at the same time we see how bravely Kanuk managed to sue those in charge of protecting the natural resources. Therefore, from the article one can see that we need to stop global warming and the least we can do on a personal level is to sue the ones manipulating an environment that is ours.

  4. Jad Ghantous Biol207
    Well that was rather refreshing.having someone sue in the name of the environment. Why not: I mean if lawsuits are available for almost everything why wouldn’t we use it to sue the people who caused damage to our environment.

  5. Jina Shammas Bi0l207
    Even though I find such an article quite interesting, there is so much to consider about it. The world around us is constantly changing, and all we do is stand there claiming it is not our fault. Well, if it’s not, then who is it? I find it really sad, in fact, the way our governments tend to just postpone things and claim, in one way or another, that they’re not the ones who should be blamed. “But the state has almost no control over the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere because that is determined by global emissions of greenhouse gases,” says the lawyer for the state of Alaska, concerning the college freshman’s global warming lawsuit. No control over the concentration of greenhouse gases? Seriously? How about the Industrial Revolution, the burning of fossil fuels, and the extensive cutting down of forests? Where do we stand in this? Throwing the blame off our shoulders will do us no good. It’s undeniable that the climate is changing, but it’s offensive that we are taking no action to stop global warming. It will touch us one day; the rivers will flood, the temperature will skyrocket, our water sources will dry out, and our houses will be knocked down. They will; it is definite, so the question is not when but what should we do until then? Or should we wait until the global crisis takes place so we act, when it’s just a little too late?

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