Posted by: r.m. | October 16, 2013

NSA… giving rise to tyranny

In a legal thriller novel published in 2005, I found the most powerful indictment I have read against the NSA today!

Here is what Steve Martini writes about technological surveillance in his novel ‘Double Tap,’:

“…it would allow the government to monitor patterns of conduct and individual activity at a depth and in detail that is mind-numbing.

“Given the ever-increasing grasp of central governments around the world, the threat of mischief or worse posed by such technology is daunting. True, it could be used to thwart terrorism. But, unchecked and unseen, it could just as easily give rise to tyranny. Private information on a global scale could be used to chill political speech at a monumental level. In the hands of the unscrupulous, it could be harnessed to extort any numbers of favors from individuals in public office or those who control the economic throttle and pull the levers that make the world go around.

If information is power, access to personal digitized data in a form that is raw and unrestricted – coupled with processing software allowing oceans of it to be mined at the speed of light – is an open and engraved invitation to despotism.”

Martini wrote about this technology years before Edward Snowden revealed that the technology exists today and is being used by the NSA against all Americans and many other nations and communities.

The book ‘Double Tap’ also discusses, with heart, the horrors veterans endure, euphemistically called ‘PTSD’ (post-traumatic stress disorder)



  1. Marianne Bersaoui biol207
    Technology should be under a 24/24 surveillance because, left out of control, it may end up in the wrong hands, and create devastating weapons that will eventually go out of control. Technology, like everything else in this world, is double-faced; it has its benefits, but carries around fatal, unwanted effects. “The threat of mischeif or worse posed by such technology is daunting.” With all it has to offer, this technology indirectly encourages and enforces an uprising bringing tyranny glowing glory.

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