Posted by: r.m. | November 15, 2013

Lebanon is independent?

What a country. While we lack a government because the Saudis cannot compromise on who will be in the government, and while the current spokespeople of this country proudly abstain the country from voting on foreign affairs, there will still – nevertheless –  be an official parade for Independence Day!

Independence Day?

And while we have traffic jams and congestion on normal days, still there will be some road closures today (a typically busy day) to have a practice run for the Independence Day parade on the 22nd of November.

And while we are among the top countries in the world in debt (as a proportion of our GDP), still, money can be found for the pomp of an Independence Day Parade.

Lebanon is a country with a sense of irony, truly.

What a country.

Meanwhile, Lebanon continues to reprint its currency, making it endlessly more colorful and more like monopoly-money.  Perhaps that is the only act of clarity – since Lebanon is, in so many ugly ways, a monopoly.



  1. Reblogged this on Daniel Ibn Zayd and commented:
    Perfectly stated Rania! I prefer to call it “Dependence Day”, myself. Every year I dread the flying of that one decrepid jet in the so-called “air force”, so reminiscent of July 2006. Although now apparently we have a newly gifted Cessna prop plane from the Murikans. God help us all.

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