Posted by: r.m. | November 19, 2013

Pause. for the living. for the killed

Another bombing. Another act of terrorism. Of terror.

Today, around 9.30 in the morning.  Two bombings – a minute or so apart – targeting the Iranian Embassy in Beirut. And targeting civilians in a vibrant neighborhood.

As of this hour, 23 people are known to be killed. More than 140 wounded.

The terrorists are known. They claimed responsibility. Another wing of Al Qaeda – Kataeb Abdallah Azzam.    (Founded originally by a Saudi.  Taken responsibility for crimes in Egypt as well. Probably funded by Bandar bin Sultan.) Their objectives for this crime? Officially, according to their press release, to force Hezbollah out of Syria  – and – to get the Lebanese government to release Al Qaeda prisoners in Lebanese jails.

But I don’t want to talk about the politics of the situation. Or the financiers of these criminals and their puppet masters.  Not now.

Now, I want to pause the world.  It scares me how calmly we hear the news and go on, in Lebanon.  How work proceeds as normal.  We stop for a few minutes, we feel some pain, and then we go on.  Work proceeds.  Conversations go on.

23 families will never be the same.

And they haven’t been the only ones.  This is the fifth bombing in Lebanon in the past few months.


Now, I want to pause and remember: these terrors in Lebanon are not unique.  In Syria, people are facing car bombs and attacks regularly.  And in Iraq, car bombs have become a regular occurrence (since 2003, thank you US gov’t).

Lebanon. Syria.


How to stop these horrors.  How to stand together.

The day began with a terrorist attack in Lebanon.

And in the evening, there is another terrorist attack.

The Israeli military attacks Gaza. Again. Besieged, imprisoned, isolated Palestinians in Gaza. Israel terrorizes Palestinians in Gaza with SEVEN military airstrikes in the PAST ONE HOUR. There lies the grand terrorist of the region – the Israeli Terrorist Occupying Apartheid Army.

For more on this latest Israeli terrorist crime (paid for by US$) – see: Live Report from Gaza Hospital: As Civilian Toll Mounts, Israel Again Bombs Palestinian Journalists


Until when?

We pause for the killed. We pause for the living.

And we resist. We continue to resist – somehow, somehow – the crimes of occupation, oppression, violence…



  1. Reblogged this on Daniel Ibn Zayd and commented:
    Thank you for this. I was just saying today that the normalization is what is most bothersome; most chilling. For Dahiyeh and Trablous, there were interruptions in the “norm”, for one minuscule example, Radio Liban switching to classical music out of respect. Today? Nothing other than “3ade”. Normal. Meanwhile those who conceive of war, and decide upon war, and wage such war do not suffer for their efforts. As such—to borrow from Wilfred Owen’s turn of phrase—the devils will never be “sick of sin”. This is the Great Imbalance. Meanwhile, our indifference only adds to it.

  2. Marianne Bersaoui biol207
    Terrorism is NEVER a solution, neither is war.. If the terrorists think they are doing the right job sticking together, they are wrong. The thing is that terrorism, with all its negative ponderous energy, is affecting our well-being. People are put in an inappropriate situation where stress, bad moods, and constant worrying are their only friends. This is not acceptable! Lebanon needs rehab, and all problems need to be solved, because corruption ubiquitously engenders more corruption. Exihibit A: the administration corruption among Lebanon worsening with each passing day. Exhibit B: Terrorism in Tripoli. And the list of outrages go on..

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